Disposable heat-resistant non-pollutant food containers. Containers are made of food grade aluminium foil, suitable for food packing, roasting, baking, food cooking, food takeout etc.

Widely used in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bakeries etc. Can resist high and low temperatures, can be directly used on fire, oven, microwave and refrigerators.

DescriptionDimensionImageQTY per boxPallet QTY
No6A container140mm x 115mm (Approx)50070
No6A Lid140mm x 115mm (Approx)50070
No2 container140mm x 115mm (Approx)100050
No2 container Lid140mm x 115mm (Approx)100050
No12 container160mm wide x 400mm deep (Approx)40050
No12 container Lid160mm wide x 400mm deep (Approx)40050
No1 container100mm x 120mm x 40mm (Approx)100050
No1 container Lid100mm x 120mm x 40mm (Approx)100050
9x9 container 2 Inch deep230mm x 230mm x 50mm (Approx)20050
9x9 container 2 Inch deep Lid230mm x 230mm x 50mm (Approx)20050
Foil bag - Standard7" x 9" x 12"500150
Foil bag - Large7" x 9" x 14"500150